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By far the most popular TAC-Soft program at an unbeatable price. In addition to all the features offered in the Exam edition it contains several of the most popular options only otherwise available in the more expensive Teaching Templates Quiz Maker.

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Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Status
An award-winning program created with the "Keep it Simple" principle in mind - a fast and easy way to create your own exercises, quizzes and tests.
Free download of a fully-functional demo version of the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker with many examples of the tests, quizzes and exercises the authoring program creates - some for English grammar and vocabulary and some "just for fun" (Prepositions, James Bond, Flags of the World etc...)
Makes HTML files which can be viewed with any up-to-date web browser. The tests, quizzes and exercises you make can be integrated in a web page or run as stand-alone programs at home or in the classroom.
Includes sounds and images to liven up the exercises.
Easy to install and use with no programming knowledge necessary.
Fully customisable user interface.
Multilanguage Unicode capability for the creation of localized quizzes and tests.
Automatic FTP upload of your quizzes to a web server.
4 different quiz templates to choose from - the standard Multiple Choice Template and a new Revision format for self-study. The interest and motivation of the quiz taker is guaranteed!
One-click compilation of your HTML quizzes into a small, independently executable file (*.EXE) or into an EBook containing several of your quizzes.
Quiz Template Editor for the inclusion of additional messages to the quiz taker ... your company logo for example or a link to other pages on your web site.
Various security options such as code encryption, password protection and a quiz timer for the many users who are planning to use the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker in the classroom or computer laboratory.
Includes a "Submit Results Option" which makes it possible for the user to send the results of the quizzes to his or her supervisor - by email or via PHP.
Results Viewer Module to help you to keep track of the quiz results you have received.
Time-Saving Quiz Database for access to all your questions and answers.
AutoUpdater - Automatically retrieve updates to the MC Quiz Maker program. All future updates are free of charge.
Math and Symbol Editors to facilitate the insertion of formulae and equations in the quizzes.
Option to select a customized background image for the quizzes and to call a special, easy-to-use HTML editor to modify the quiz files.
Easy and time-saving import of questions and answers from external sources and quiz files. New opportunities to offer image and text help and feedback to the quiz taker.
SCORM support for the import of the tests and quizzes you create into Learning Management Systems such as Moodle, Blackboard, Clarion etc.
One-click compilation of your HTML quizzes into a web archive (.mht) file. This is a single, easily distributable file which can be viewed in Internet Explorer and which contains not only your quiz but also all required supplementary details (sounds, images etc.). It avoids any hassle with uploading multiple files and folders to your Internet server.
Includes a flexible Task Manager Template to help with the organization and easy presentation of your quizzes.
Opportunity to quickly and easily re-arrange the order of the quiz questions.
Compatibility with the features offered in the latest Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 8.
A new Multi-Select feature which means that you can now offer the quiz taker the opportunity to choose not just one but all the possible correct answers to a particular question ... truly amazing!
Runs efficiently on both 32 and 64 bit Windows systems.
Now contains a 'Keep it Simple' template which offers accelerated , 3-step-no-frills exam creation.
In addition to English the following languages can be used for the quiz interface: Czech, Bulgarian, German, Greek, French, Dutch, Portugese and Turkish.
Price - Unbeatable value (US)$14.95

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Here you can download completely without obligation a fully functional, try-before-you-buy version of the current MULTIPLE CHOICE QUIZ MAKER program. If you find the program useful, please think about purchasing a license. It costs only (US)$14.95 and motivates us immensely to go on with the development!

Download directly from the TAC-Soft website:

Multiple Choice Quiz Maker  Multiple Choice Quiz MakerDownload
(Version 16.7.0 ca. 12 MB)

... or download from the CNet File Archive:

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Registered users should download and install the new evaluation version. It will automatically update your present program and transfer your registration details. All updates are absolutely free-of-charge!

Please note that the authoring progam Multiple Choice Quiz Maker is provided "as is" without any express or implied warranty of any kind. The software has been designed and tested with great care but it is offered with no guarantee of satisfactory quality or fitness for any particular purpose. In no event shall TAC-Soft be liable for any damages arising out of the use or inability to use the software product. This includes, without limitation, direct or indirect damages, damages for loss of profits, business interruption or information loss. No warranty is made that the software will generate computer programs with the characteristics or specifications required by you or that the programs created will be error-free. Reports of possible program malfunctions and suggestions for improvements to the software are always welcomed by Support at TAC-Soft.

TOPMultiple Choice Quiz Maker

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License Questions FAQ

What is a "Single License"?

With a single license you are registered to install the program on one computer or workstation. You are of course free to distribute and use the quizzes and tests you create at anytime and anywhere with absolutely no restrictions.

When are the "Multiple User" licenses required?

If you intend to allow more users access to the authoring program and if you allow them to create their own tests and quizzes on their own computers, please consider purchasing an appropriate Multiple User license.

What are the advantages of a "Site License"?

A site license covers unlimited use and distribution of the registered program within one institution. This license offers profit and non-profit making organisations an easy and inexpensive way of making the Quiz Maker licensed program available to all their staff and colleagues.

How long is my license valid?

Our policy has always been to offer future updates to the program free-of-charge to our registered customers. This means that your license does not expire when the next version of the Quiz Maker program is released.

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